Dean’s Message

Dean’s Message

Innovation is one of the key drivers for value creation.

Many companies, academic institutions, and government agencies understand that the engine for future economic growth would come from innovation. As a result, they already made huge investment in research to find a next nanotechnology, robotic, and many other areas.

This means that the pace of technological progress will continue to increase in the future.

Clearly, new technologies provide greater capabilities, but are more complex and difficult to learn. At the same time, the users are placing greater demand on technology producers to make them more useable and economical.
It is clear that students contemplating a career in technology can no longer have a one-dimensional perspective. It means that students need to have an interdisciplinary mindset as more technologies undergo convergence. Furthermore, students need to gain business knowledge and managerial skills because the price of miscalculation and mismanagement can be very high.

The KAIST Graduate School of Innovation and Technology Management (I&TM) is uniquely positioned to provide world-class education to both technical and non-technical students who want to become leaders and decision makers.

First, KAIST is recognized as one of the world finest educational institutions in engineering and science. I&TM will be collaborating with KAIST engineering and science departments to make technologies more relevant in the business context. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of key technologies, how they are interlinked, and their impact on the society from the standpoint of businesses, consumers, government, and other institutions. Second, I&TM is staffed with highly talented professors and distinguished subject matter experts, who have academic and industry experience. Many classes will be taught using the team teaching approach to provide students with an integrated view of multiple disciplines. In addition to teaching duties, I&TM faculty members will mentor and advise students in their career planning. Third, experiential learning and internship are fully integrated into our program. Students will do not only case studies, but also studies based on their actual interaction and experience with I&TM affiliated companies. Finally, I&TM already has a strong network of companies, government agencies, and other leading academic institutions. This network will be further strengthened both in Korea and abroad in the near future. By leveraging this network and other KAIST resources, our students should be able to jump-start a career in innovation and technology management.

As dean of I&TM, I highly recommend you to explore our program and oppourunities it presents.

I am very proud of our program. We will provide critical knowledge and skills you need to succeed in entrepreneurship and management. We will challenge and mine your thoughts and creativity through class discussions and projects. For those students who are seeking an environment that encourages creativity, risk-taking, and experiential learning, our program will be a perfect fit for you. I hope you will join KAIST I&TM. We would like to be your partner in attaining your goal.

Youngsun Kwon