Mission & Vision

Technology with management becomes new value.

KAIST I &TM as an Innovation hub.


  • KAIST I&TM is differentiated from conventional business schools as our school emphasizes developing future executives who will lead technology-oriented enterprises, research institutes, and venture start-ups.
  • KAIST I&TM provides global learning environment for students to grow and lead in innovation and tech-management through collaboration with distinguished KAIST faculty and internationally recognized institutions.


Research Initiatives

  • Quantitative & Qualitative Research on High-Tech Industry.
    Research on high-tech industry: semiconductor. pharmaceutical, IT devices, automobile and other related technologies.
  • Entrepreneurship Practice and Policy
    Research on entrepreneurship and its impact on technology innovation. firm creation. and economic growth.
  • Technology Commercialization
    Theory and empirical research on best practices in technology commercialization.
  • National Innovation Strategy and Policy
    Research on the national innovation strategy. competitive advantages of nations. and policy including technology trade and transfer.
  • Intellectual Property Management and Ethics
    Research on intellectual property management including related ethical issues.
  • Innovation Strategy for EEWS Technology
    Research on strategy and economics of energy. environment, water. and sustainable technology.