이홍규 (Lee, HongKyu)

이홍규 (Lee, HongKyu)

School of Business and Technology Management | Emeritus Professor
Business Strategy

hklee777@kaist.ac.kr | +82-(0)42-350-6301 ∥ N22, #505
Field of Study
Business Strategy
Business Model
Corporate Governance
Business Ecosystem
Ph.D., in Business Administration, Hankook University of Foreign Studies (1999)
MBA, in Business Administration, University of Oregon (1985)
B.S., in Political Science, Seoul National University (1976)
Major Career
Associate Professor, Department of Business and Technology Management, KAIST [Mar. 2009-Present]
Associate Professor, IT School of Business, Information & Communication University (ICU) [July 2003-Feb. 2009]
Invited Professor, IT School of Business, Information & Communication University (ICU) [July 2001- June 2003]
President of the Korean Association for Information Society [Jan.2010-Dec.2011]
Dean, IT School of Business, Information & Communication University(ICU) [July 2005-Dec. 2006]
Vice President, Madison [Jan. 2000-Dec.2000]
Director General, Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy [Aug.1998-Dec.1999]
Secretary, Secretary office of the President [Mar. 1997-Feb. 1998]
Key Papers
H. Lee, S. Kim, Business Model in New Media Era : Bible of Business Creation and Transformation, Hanwool, 2011

C. Nam, H. Lee, S. Kim, T. Kim, “Network neutrality debate: an end user’s perspective”, Int'l Telecommunications Policy Review v.18(1), pp1-15, 2011

Y. Kwon, H. Lee, "Evolution of mobile banking in Korea: Who gets hegemony & why?", Communications & Convergence Review, Vol.2(1), 2010

C. Nam, S. Kim, H. Lee, B. Duan, "Examining the Influencing Factors the Most Efficient Point of Broadband Adoption in China", Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology Vol. 41 No.1, pp51-64, 2009

C. Nam, S. Kim, H. Lee, B. Duan, X. Meng , "Evaluating the market potential for mobile Phone Service in Chinese Provinces", Telecommunications Review Vol. 18 No 5, pp833-842, 2008

H. Lee, S. Lim, J. Cheong, W. Kang, B. Kim, Success Factors in the Take-over of Presidentship, EAI, 2007
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