School of Business and Technology Management | Professor

cgnam@kaist.ac.kr | +82-(0)42-350-6307 ∥ N22, #503
Field of Study
Application of Financial Theories to ICT Industry
Financial Analysis of IT firms, Entrepreneurial Finance, and Performance Evaluation
Analysis of Financial Market and Valuation
Ph.D. in Finance, Georgia State University, USA, (1988)
Attending MA Program, Seoul National University, (1982)
B.S. in Business Administration, Seoul National University, KOREA,(1978)
Major Career
Professor, Department of Business and Technology Management, KAIST [Mar. 2009– present]
Professor, School of IT Business, Information and Communications University (ICU), [Jan. 2005 –Feb. 2009]
Dean, School of IT Business, ICU [March 2001-May 2003, Sep. 2008-Jun.2009]
Associate Professor, School of IT Business, ICU (Jan. 2001– Dec. 2004]
Senior Research Fellow and Executive Director of Strategy Consulting Center, Planning and Coordinating Division, Postal and Postal Banking Policy Division, etc. Korea Information Society Development institute (KISDI) (1988-2000)
Visiting Scholar, Waseda University & Dublin Institute of Technology (2009-2010)
Key Papers
Lim, J., Nam, C., Kim, S., Rhee, H., Lee, E., & Lee, H. Forecasting 3G mobile subscription in china: A study based on stochastic frontier analysis and a bass diffusion model, Telecommunications Policy, 2012

Kim, S ,Nam, C ,Jung, HK ,Ryu, MH,Adoption of Fixed-mobile Convergence in the US Telecommunication Industry, Journal of research and practice in information technology, 42(3), pp. 207-218, Aug. 2010

Nam, C. ,Kwon, Y. ,Kim, S ,Lee, H, Estimating scale economies of the wireless telecommunications industry using EVA data, Telecommunications policy, 33, pp. 29-40, Feb. 2009

Nam, C ,Kim, S ,Lee, H, The role of WiBro: Filling the gaps in mobile broadband technologies, Technological furcating and social change, 75(3), p. 438-448, Mar. 2008

Lee, H ,Kim, S ,Nam, C ,Han, SH, Earnings Management of Acquiring Firms in Stock-for-Stock Takeovers in the Telecommunications Industry, Journal of media economics, 21(4), pp217-233, 2008

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