엄재용 (Ohm, Jay Young)

엄재용 (Ohm, Jay Young)

School of Business and Technology Management, Graduate Program for Innovation & Technology Management | Visiting Professor
Innovation ICT, Strategy

johm@kaist.ac.kr | +82-(0)42-350-4342 ∥ N5, #2111
Field of Study
Innovation ICT, Strategy
Game Theory
Operations Research
Entrepreneurship Education and Policy
BEP203 게임이론과 응용 (Game Theory and Its Application)

BEP343 경영전략 (Business Strategy)
Major Projects
Business process improvements (BPI) and SOA implementations
Data mining projects for a U.S. federal government agency
Automation of telecom operations and its impact on processes and KPIs
Business blueprinting and capex analysis of infrastructure buildouts in the U.S. and South America
Decision support systems and strategic gaming models for a AT&T business unit
System engineering and product roll-out of network management systems

Jay Ohm joined KAIST Business Economics program as a Practice Professor in June 2008. Prior to this appointment, he held a position as a Director at Capsage Consulting and worked on a number of consulting engagements for IBM, Sprint, and U.S. Federal Government. His interest in consulting was developed during his long tenure with AT&T and Lucent Technologies. He started with R&D, but moved to a profit-center and, finally, a consulting unit. This gave him a broad exposure from product development to business analysis and strategy to direct customer interactions.
1986 Northwestern University Kellogg 경영대학원 Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences & Finance 박사
1980 MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Operations Research 석사
1978 뉴욕주립대학교 버펄로캠퍼스 수학 및 경제학 학사

Major Career
2008-현재 Practice Professor, Business Economics, KAIST
2001-2008 Director, Capsage Consulting
1997-2001 Consulting manager, Lucent Technologies
1987-1997 Senior technical member, AT&T
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