채수찬 (Chae, Suchan)

채수찬 (Chae, Suchan)

School of Business and Technology Management | Professor

chae2@kaist.ac.kr | +82-(0)42-350-4911 ∥ N5, #2112
Field of Study
Game Theory (Bargaining Theory)
Financial Economics
Industrial Organization
Regulatory Economics and Policy
Korean Economy and Policy
General Equilibrium Theory
Micro Economics, Macro Economics
Ph.D. in Economics, University of Pennsylvania, USA (1985)
M.S in Mathematics, Chonbuk National University , Korea (1980)
B.S. in Mathematics, Seoul National University, Korea (1978)
Major Career
Professor, Department of Business and Technology Management, KAIST (joint appointment at Graduate School of Innovation and Technology Management and Dept. of Mathematical Sciences) [Jul. 2010 - present]
Chairman of the Board, Han River Society [Aug. 2008 - present]
Chairman of the Board, Grand Vision School (for North Korean refugees) [Oct. 2009 - present]
Visiting Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, Seoul National University [Jul. 2008 - Jun.2010]
Member of National Assembly, Korea (National Policy Committee, Finance and Economy Committee) [Jun. 2004 - May 2008]
Professor (tenured 1993), Dept. of Economics, Rice University [Jul. 1985 - Dec. 2004]
Key Papers
Chae, S. and Moulin, H. (2010), Bargaining among Groups: an Axiomatic Approach, International Journal of Game Theory, 39, 71-88.

Chae, S. and Heidhues, P. (2004), Buyers alliances for bargaining power, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 13, 731-754.

Chae, S. (2003), Can time preference be an instrument of price discrimination?, Economics Letters, 81, 173-177.

Chae, S. (1998), A Bargaining Model of Retransmission Consent and Must-Carry Rule, Information Economics and Policy 10, 369-387.

Chae, S. and Yang, J. (1994), An N-Person Pure Bargaining Game, Journal of Economic Theory, 62, 86-102.

Chae, S. (1992), Bundling Subscription TV Channels - A Case of Natural Bundling, International Journal of Industrial Organization 10, 213-230.
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